Ash Portrait

We use the ashes from a deceased person to print a photographic portrait from him or her. By doing so we create a living and lasting memory of your loved ones.

Mrs and Mr Berliner

To make the portraits we make use of the carbon printing proces. This technique was developed around 1860, at a time that photography was still hand crafted. The carbon process is based on the use of pigments dissolved in a thin layer of gelatin that is made sensitive for UV light. Hardening of the pigment gelatin layer by result of exposure to a negative will result in a photographic image. The carbon printing proces is regarded as the most stable photographic process known at the moment.

It is important to realize that since every person is different the ashes also will be. That will show in the printed portraits. Since ashes are not black but grey the portrait will be as dark as the color of the ashes, the. This will vary a little for every person: from a slight brownish grey to a more neutral grey. We never mix the ashes with another pigment to enhance contrast or chance color. All we use will be the ashes of your loved one.


“Was the last photograph already taken at some point, or does this moment await us in the near future?”