These portraits are printed with the ashes of deceased people. After they have been cremated I use their remains to make a photographic print. 

A lifetime is condensed in such a portrait. Some lasted many years while others were cut short, brutally interupted by an accident or illness. Some photographs were made at a very young age while others reflect an almost completed life. The prints show life as a mystery, a journey that does not give any certainty about its destiny. I am entrusted with the remains of a person's life and all memories attached to it. In doing so I offer all my respect, care and dedication.

All life is unique. It is important to realize that since every person is different the ashes will also be. That is evident in the printed portraits. Since ashes are not black but grey the portrait will be as dark as the color of the ashes. This will vary a little for every person: from a slight brownish grey to a more neutral grey. I never mix the ashes with another pigment to enhance contrast or chance color. All I use will be the ashes.


The portraits are made on commission. For more information please use the contact form.


Anna Zanstra   (03/08/1935 - 31/03/2009)
Anna Zanstra (03/08/1935 - 31/03/2009)
Bernard Yenelouis   (20/09/1959 - 28/05/2020)
Bernard Yenelouis (20/09/1959 - 28/05/2020)
Lidewij   (15/11/2001 - 24/02/2008)
Lidewij (15/11/2001 - 24/02/2008)
Pepijn   (07/01/2004 - 24/02/2008)
Pepijn (07/01/2004 - 24/02/2008)
Marianne van den Berg   (18/06/1959 - 04/09/2019)
Marianne van den Berg (18/06/1959 - 04/09/2019)
Mitzi   (16/08/1997 - 28/01/2016)
Mitzi (16/08/1997 - 28/01/2016)
Lidwien de Bruijn  (14/05/1956 - 11/11/2019)
Lidwien de Bruijn (14/05/1956 - 11/11/2019)
Richard David Berliner   (05/12/1923 - 26/01/2011)
Richard David Berliner (05/12/1923 - 26/01/2011)
Miriam Ellen Berliner.  (27/11/1921 - 20/02/2014)
Miriam Ellen Berliner. (27/11/1921 - 20/02/2014)